RTS Fuel Cards for Truckers Reviewed: Expert Insights and Comparisons

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In today’s competitive trucking industry, saving on fuel costs is crucial for success. To help with that, many truckers are turning to fuel cards, and one of the top options on the market is the RTS Fuel Card specifically designed for truckers and trucking fleets. This card offers various benefits and features that meet the distinct needs of truckers, ultimately helping them manage fuel expenses more efficiently.

The RTS Fuel Card boasts positive reviews from users, primarily for its bundled services such as factoring, insurance, and, of course, the fuel card itself. Additionally, the card is praised for its ease of signup and knowledgeable support staff. However, it’s essential to consider some reported issues, including difficulties in closing accounts and non-refunded overpayments, to make an informed decision.

This article will delve deeper into the RTS Fuel Card for truckers, discussing its benefits, drawbacks, and overall user experience. Truckers and fleet managers can use this information to better understand how the card may fit their needs and how it compares to other fuel card options available in the market.

Overview of RTS Fuel Cards for Truckers

Benefits for Trucking Companies

RTS Fuel Cards are designed specifically for truckers and trucking companies, providing a variety of benefits and discounts to help reduce fuel costs and manage expenses more efficiently. Some key benefits include:

  • Average savings of 25¢ per gallon: Truckers using RTS Fuel Cards can enjoy significant savings at participating fuel stops, including Pilot Flying J stations and hundreds of others, such as Sapp Bros. and Casey’s.
  • Wide network coverage: The card is accepted at a large number of fuel stops throughout the country, ensuring convenience and accessibility for truckers on the go.
  • Simplified management: RTS Fuel Cards offer the convenience of a single fleet card program, allowing trucking companies to manage and monitor fuel expenses more easily.
  • Bundled services: In addition to fuel discounts, RTS Fuel Card users may also benefit from additional services like factoring and insurance, which can further streamline business operations.

Understanding the Pricing and Fees

When considering the RTS Fuel Card, it’s important to understand the specific pricing and fees associated with using the card. Costs may vary depending on the specific agreement and usage, but some common fees to be aware of include:

  • Transaction fees: Each fuel purchase using the RTS Fuel Card may be subject to a transaction fee. However, these fees can often be offset by the considerable fuel savings available to cardholders.
  • Monthly card fees: Some fuel card programs may charge a monthly fee for each card issued, which should be weighed against the potential savings and other benefits provided by the program.
  • Line of credit: Depending on your trucking company’s creditworthiness, the RTS Fuel Card may also offer a line of credit, providing flexibility and ensuring working capital is available when needed.

It’s essential for trucking companies to carefully review the full terms and conditions of the RTS Fuel Card program to better understand the potential costs and benefits. Comparing the RTS Fuel Card to other fuel card options in the market can also help in making an informed decision for your trucking business.

Fuel Network and Discounts

Nationwide Access and Truck Stops

The RTS Fuel Card for truckers offers a limited but effective nationwide fuel network. With access to over 2,000 fuel stations across the United States, the card may not have the most extensive network, but it does cater to the needs of small-business truckers and owner-operators. The program also includes point-of-sale discounts at 1,000 Pilot Flying J and Speedway truck stops, ensuring that cardholders have sufficient options for refueling on long trips.

Savings with Point-Of-Sale Discounts

One of the strengths of the RTS Fuel Card lies in the fuel discounts it offers to its users. On average, cardholders can enjoy a 25 cents per gallon discount at participating fuel stations. Additionally, the point-of-sale discounts at 1,000 Pilot Flying J and Speedway truck stops can lead to substantial savings for truckers, enabling them to better manage their fuel expenses.

In summary, although the RTS Fuel Card may not offer the most extensive nationwide network, its fuel discounts and point-of-sale savings make it a viable option for small trucking businesses and owner-operators seeking to cut down on their fuel costs.

RTS Pro Mobile App

Convenience and Features

The RTS Pro Mobile App is an all-in-one solution designed to meet the everyday operating needs of trucking companies. It provides quick access to various essential services, such as fuel discounts, factoring services, and broker credit data. The app boasts some notable features that make it stand out:

  • Fuel Discounts: Users can find the lowest diesel prices at over 2,400 fuel centers nationwide, with point-of-sale fuel discounts at more than 750 Pilot Flying J locations.
  • Factoring Services: The app integrates seamlessly with RTS factoring services, allowing users to manage their invoices and payments with ease.
  • Broker Credit Ratings: RTS Pro Mobile App provides access to RTS Credit, where members can find credit reports and days-to-pay information on brokers and shippers across the nation.
  • Free Credit Reports: Unlimited access to RTS Credit is included with fuel card membership.
  • User-friendly Interface: The app is designed to be user-friendly, offering a streamlined experience for truckers and fleet managers alike.

User Reviews

RTS Pro Mobile App has received positive reviews from truckers and fleet managers. Its features, convenience, and value for money make it a popular choice among its users. Some user sentiments include:

  • 5 out of 5 stars: An overall 5.0 rating (based on 1 review) highlights the app’s value and satisfaction among users.
  • Appreciation for Bundling Services: Users have appreciated the ability to bundle their fuel card, factoring services, and insurance through the RTS Financial single fleet card program.
  • Pilot Flying J Discounts: The app has added value to users by offering point-of-sale fuel discounts at more than 750 Pilot Flying J locations, leading to significant savings on fuel expenses.
  • Useful for Decision Making: With access to broker credit ratings, fleet managers and truckers can make informed decisions on partnering with brokers and shippers.

The RTS Pro Mobile App brings together essential services for trucking companies, resulting in a convenient and valuable tool for its users.

Credit and Financing Options

Credit Line Availability

One of the primary factors that make RTS Fuel Card an attractive option for truckers and fleet owners is the available credit line. The fuel card offers users access to a line of credit, facilitating smoother and more efficient transactions during fuel purchases. Some of the benefits of having this credit line with the RTS Fuel Card include:

  • Convenience during purchase with an all-in-one card for fuel, maintenance, and other services
  • Streamlined expense management, making it easier to track fuel spending and budgeting
  • Access to discounts on fuel purchases at thousands of locations nationwide

Factors Affecting Credit Limits

When it comes to credit limits, there are several factors taken into consideration in determining how much credit a user can have when using their RTS Fuel Card. These factors include:

  1. Credit Score: Similar to other credit cards, your credit score plays a vital role in determining the credit limit on your RTS Fuel Card. Users with higher credit scores often have access to higher credit lines, while those with bad credit or limited credit history may be subject to lower limits.
  2. Financial Stability: Companies and owner-operators who have a stable financial history will likely be provided with a higher credit limit. Financial stability can be assessed through business financial records and transactions, including consistent revenue and payment control.
  3. Payment History: Users who demonstrate a consistent on-time payment record will likely be rewarded with higher credit limits compared to those with a history of late or missed payments.
  4. Fleet Size and Profile: The size of your fleet and the profile of your vehicles may also impact your credit limit. Businesses with larger fleets or higher fuel consumption needs might be eligible for extended credit lines to accommodate their higher volume of expenses.

As with any credit product, it is crucial for users to utilize their fuel card responsibly by maintaining good payment habits and keeping credit utilization low to ensure better credit terms and continued access to funding.

Complementary Services for Trucking Businesses

Factoring Services

RTS Fuel Card offers various complementary services for trucking businesses, one of which is factoring. Factoring allows trucking companies to sell their invoices at a discount in exchange for immediate cash, improving the business cash flow. This can be helpful for companies that need to pay expenses such as fuel, insurance, or payroll before receiving payments from clients. RTS Financial, the company behind the RTS Fuel Card, provides custom factoring solutions tailored to the unique needs of trucking businesses.

Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to factoring services, the RTS Fuel Card can provide significant benefits related to vehicle maintenance and repairs. The fuel card membership gives trucking companies access to discounts on essential purchases such as:

  • Tires: Access to special savings on tire purchases from top brands, reducing the overall cost of maintaining a fleet.
  • Maintenance services: Discounts on preventative maintenance and repairs from selected service providers, making it easier for trucking businesses to keep their trucks roadworthy and compliant with regulations.
  • Lodging: Lower costs on preferred lodging options for truckers, ensuring they can find affordable accommodations while on the road.

These complementary services offered by RTS Fuel Card can help trucking businesses by potentially reducing their operational expenses, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Comparison with Other Fuel Cards

RTS Vs. WEX Fleet Cards

The RTS Fuel Card and WEX Fleet cards both cater to truckers and owner-operators. However, there are some differences between the two.

  • Acceptance Network: The RTS Fuel Card has a smaller acceptance network with just over 2,000 stations in the US, while WEX Fleet Cards are more widely accepted, expanding their reach across many fuel stations.
  • Discounts: RTS Fuel Card offers an average discount of 25 cents per gallon of fuel at their accepted locations, whereas WEX FlexCard provides a rewards rate of 3 cents per gallon.
  • Fees: The WEX FlexCard does not have monthly or annual fees, making it a more cost-effective option for small to mid-sized trucking companies.
  • Management Services: Both RTS and WEX Fleet Cards provide fleet and fuel management services to help track expenses and optimize fleet operations.

RTS Vs. Shell Fleet Navigator

RTS Fuel Card and Shell Fleet Navigator also differ in key aspects which may impact which fleet card is the better choice for your company.

  • Acceptance Network: The RTS Fuel Card acceptance network is limited to just over 2,000 stations in the US, while the Shell Fleet Navigator has a more extensive network including Shell, ExxonMobil, and other fuel stations.
  • Discounts: RTS Fuel Card users enjoy an average discount of 25 cents per gallon at participating locations, whereas Shell Fleet Navigator cardholders can benefit from volume-based discounts and Shell’s fuel rewards program.
  • Management Services: Both RTS Fuel Card and Shell Fleet Navigator offer robust fleet management services that assist in tracking fuel usage, vehicle maintenance, and driver behavior.
  • Fleet One Edge Card Comparison: When considering RTS Fuel Card and Shell Fleet Navigator, it may also be helpful to explore the Fleet One Edge Card from Comdata. This fleet card offers widespread acceptance, fuel discounts at participating locations, and no transaction fees at in-network fuel stations.

Additional Benefits and Programs

Loyalty Programs and Partnerships

The RTS Fuel Card offers a variety of loyalty programs and partnerships that add value for truckers and owner operators. Some of their partnerships include Pilot Flying J, Boss Shop, and Sapp Bros. By using the RTS Fuel Card at these partnered locations, cardholders can gain access to exclusive discounts and benefits. These might include:

  • Exclusive discounts on preventative maintenance
  • Price reductions on tires and parts
  • Access to additional services and conveniences

Using the RTS Fuel Card also allows cardholders to build their business credit, as the card is widely accepted at numerous gas stations across the country.

Additional Savings and Rewards

In addition to the loyalty programs and partnerships, the RTS Fuel Card offers other savings and rewards for truckers. One notable feature is the 35% discount on fuel tax software, which can significantly reduce the financial burden of tax filing for trucking businesses.

Moreover, RTS Fuel Card holders can expect to receive various discounts and rewards from their network of partnered gas stations, including those that accept Visa and Mastercard. These savings might include:

  • Discounts on fuel, both diesel and gasoline
  • Reduced prices on convenience store items
  • Access to customer service and assistance when needed

By providing these additional benefits and programs, the RTS Fuel Card aims to make trucking more cost-efficient and manageable for truckers and owner operators.

Managing Your RTS Fuel Card

Setting Spending Limits and Alerts

One of the essential features of the RTS Fuel Card is the ability to set spending limits for each card. This helps trucking companies manage expenses and prevent unauthorized spending. To set these limits, simply:

  • Log in to the online portal
  • Select the fuel card account
  • Choose the specific card
  • Adjust the spending limit according to your preferences

In addition to setting spending limits, you can also set up alerts to notify you of any unusual or suspicious activity. These alerts can be customized to meet your specific needs and can be received via email or SMS.

Online Portal

The RTS Fuel Card online portal provides a user-friendly interface for managing your account. Within the portal, you can:

  • Access real-time transaction data
  • View and download detailed reports on fuel purchases and spending
  • Manage card settings, such as spending limits and alerts
  • Locate participating fuel stations within the RTS network

The online portal is available 24/7, allowing you to take control of your fuel management anytime, anywhere.

Customer Support

If you encounter any issues with your RTS Fuel Card or have questions or concerns, the customer support team is available to assist you. RTS offers a dedicated customer service line to ensure prompt assistance for fuel card users. Additionally, the support team can be reached via email for non-urgent inquiries. Whether you require help setting up your fuel card account, managing your online portal, or understanding your fuel savings, RTS customer support is there to help.

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