Shell Fleet Navigator Card Review: Unbiased Insight

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Written By Randall Henson
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The Shell Fleet Navigator Card has emerged as a top choice for businesses managing larger regional and national fleets, offering a variety of features and benefits that cater to fleet management needs. Designed with customization and convenience in mind, this fuel card provides extensive coverage, enabling customers to access Shell locations as well as over 95% of all fuel stations nationwide. Not only does this fuel card prioritize coverage, but it also focuses on providing highly secure and fraud-resistant services, making it an essential tool for fleet managers and business owners alike.

One of the card’s most valuable offerings is its customizable reporting and security functions, allowing customers to tailor their experience to best suit their business requirements. The Fleet Navigator Card goes beyond the standard features found on other fuel cards, incorporating spending controls and expense management systems that can effectively mitigate potential risks while optimizing fleet operations. Furthermore, customers have access to real-time customer updates, ensuring that they remain well-informed and receive excellent support.

Offering additional flexibility, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card can be used at a custom network for fuel and maintenance, which is exclusive to this cardholder base. With a B2B loyalty program, this fuel card stands out as a formidable option for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution for managing their fleet expenses and operations. As the transportation industry continues to evolve, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card consistently proves to be a reliable and innovative resource for fleet managers across the nation.

Benefits and Features

Fuel Savings and Discounts

With the Shell Fleet Navigator Card, businesses can enjoy significant fuel savings and discounts. Users can get up to 5 cents per gallon refund, which is connected to their monthly fuel purchase volume. This helps companies manage their fuel expenses more effectively and leads to savings at the pump. Additionally, using the card at Shell stations can sometimes offer even bigger discounts on diesel fuel with their diesel rebates program.

Access and Coverage

The Fleet Navigator Card provides wide access and coverage, allowing cardholders to use the card at 95% of all U.S. fueling stations, not just Shell locations. This extensive network coverage and national reach make it a convenient choice for drivers and fleet managers. Users also gain access to a custom network for fuel and maintenance that is exclusive to the Fleet Navigator Card. Together with 24/7 online access, fleet managers can keep track of their drivers, locations, and spending, making it easier than ever to control and optimize fuel and maintenance costs.

Security and Controls

Ensuring top-notch security and control is one of the key features of the Shell Fleet Navigator Card. With highly secure and fraud-resistant technology, the card protects businesses from unauthorized usage. The card comes with user-specific driver IDs, which help to track each driver’s fuel purchases and prevent misuse. Lost or stolen cards can be easily reported, and canceling the card is a simple process with prompt customer service.

Moreover, the card offers customizable purchase controls that enable businesses to effectively manage their fuel expenses and set limits on spending. Users can tailor controls to suit their specific needs, such as setting purchase restrictions or monitoring the balance of each driver. Automatic accounting and reporting tools also make managing finances simpler and more efficient.

In conclusion, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card offers an array of benefits and features, including fuel savings and discounts, extensive access and coverage, and top-tier security and controls. This card is an excellent choice for businesses and fleets looking to manage and optimize their fuel and maintenance costs.

Comparison to Other Cards

Shell Fleet Plus Card

The Shell Fleet Plus Card is another option for fleet managers to consider. Like the Navigator Card, it offers significant savings on fuel, with up to 6 cents per gallon based on the amount purchased, and is accepted at over 13,000 Shell locations. However, the Fleet Plus Card has no monthly fees and provides standard cost controls like purchase restrictions and spending limits. The Plus Card may suit smaller businesses better due to its simpler fee structure and lack of customizable features.

WEX Flexcard

WEX Flexcard is a Mastercard-based fleet card that offers flexibility in fueling choices. Accepted at more than 90,000 trucker stops and gas stations nationwide, it provides real-time analytics and reporting. WEX Flexcard allows businesses to generate customizable reports and has a fuel rebate program. However, it may have a larger focus on maintenance costs than Shell’s cards, contributing to higher overall costs per billing cycle.

ExxonMobil BusinessPro

ExxonMobil BusinessPro is a powerful fuel card option for businesses that require a wide network of acceptance. It provides access to ExxonMobil’s extensive network of retail locations and authorized maintenance facilities. Along with offering powerful cost controls and real-time reporting, it also features a Driver ID validation PIN that helps secure transactions. In comparison to Shell Fleet Navigator Card, ExxonMobil BusinessPro offers rebate savings depending on the gallons purchased, while reviews indicate a reliable and easy-to-use fuel card program.

EFS Fleet One Edge Card

The EFS Fleet One Edge Card is a prepaid fuel card accepted at a variety of locations, including major chain truck stops and independent fuel stations. It offers cardholders money-saving opportunities on fuel, tires, and maintenance costs. With the EFS Fleet One Edge Card, businesses can set spending limits and manage transactions in real-time, ensuring streamlined cost controls. However, it differs from the Shell Fleet Navigator Card in customization options and Shell-specific benefits.

Suitability for Different Businesses

Small Business Solutions

The Shell Fleet Navigator card is an excellent fit for small businesses, as it provides several benefits tailored to their needs. Cardholders can access a vast network of over 14,000 U.S. Shell and Jiffy Lube locations, offering convenience and easy tracking of fuel expenses. Shell’s U.S.-based customer service team supports customers for quick assistance. Additionally, the card allows businesses to set limits on employee spending, ensuring better control over expenses.

Monthly balance reviews, real-time reports, and tax exemption reports enable small businesses to manage their finances effectively. Businesses can also enjoy savings on non-fuel purchases, as well as refunds on certain applicable expenses.

Trucking Businesses

Trucking fleets can benefit significantly from the Shell Fleet Navigator card. The card is accepted at 95% of all major U.S. fuel stations, offering truckers easy accessibility and convenience while on the road. The card also provides savings on tires, repairs, and other maintenance expenses, contributing to overall cost reductions for trucking businesses.

Truck stops often offer a range of amenities like showers, hotels, and dining options for truckers. By having the Shell Fleet Navigator card, trucking businesses enjoy convenience and better employee satisfaction.


Owner-operators usually have unique requirements, and the Shell Fleet Navigator card caters to these needs effectively. The card’s B2B loyalty program allows them to accumulate benefits and rewards, contributing to long-term savings. Real-time reports and monthly balance reviews assist owner-operators in managing their finances effectively, particularly those with limited resources or bad credit history.

The card also addresses environmental concerns, as users have access to consolidated emissions reports, promoting greener practices. In summary, the Shell Fleet Navigator card, with its comprehensive features, customizable options, and dedicated customer support, caters to the requirements of small businesses, trucking fleets, and owner-operators alike.

Additional Services and Support

The Shell Fleet Navigator Card offers valuable additional services and support for its cardholders. One of the critical benefits that make this card stand out is its broad acceptance at 95% of all U.S. fueling stations, allowing cardholders to fuel up almost anywhere in the country.

In addition to widespread acceptance, the card comes with no annual or monthly fees, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. It also enables cardholders to add multiple cards for their fleet with no extra charges. This feature allows businesses to expand and customize their fleet card usage according to their needs.

Cardholders also receive access to a custom network for fuel and maintenance, unavailable with other cards. This tailored network helps businesses manage and control their expenses more effectively while ensuring their fleet stays in top shape, improving overall efficiency.

Some of the key features of the Shell Fleet Navigator Card include:

  • Savings of up to 5¢ per gallon at nearly 13,000 Shell stations in the U.S.
  • Automatic expense tracking to help businesses keep track of fuel costs and eliminate the need for manual receipt management
  • A dedicated online account management portal for cardholders to review and pay invoices, update account information, add or remove users, contacts, and drivers, and track transactions

Moreover, there is an exclusive offer for new cardholders to save 12¢ on every gallon of fuel at Shell stations for the first three months. This promotion makes the card an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize their fuel savings.

For added convenience, the card is accepted at over 45,000 service locations across the country, ensuring easy access to maintenance and repair services for fleet vehicles.

Overall, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card offers reliable additional services and support for businesses to manage and maintain their fleets while also providing cost-saving opportunities and a wide acceptance network for added convenience.

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