123 Loadboard Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Written By Randall Henson
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123Loadboard is a leading logistics platform that makes it easy for truckers, carriers, and brokers to find loads and post information about their current shipments. With a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge features, and a wide range of tools at their fingertips, users of 123Loadboard can expect to enhance their freight-hauling experience and improve overall productivity.

Customers who have utilized this platform praise its intuitive design and supportive customer service. Users have also reported a positive experience with the 123Loadboard mobile app, citing its diverse tools and seamless integration with the main website. By offering a one-stop-shop for load management, 123Loadboard has become a popular choice among industry professionals.

As part of this review, we will delve deeper into the features and attributes that solidify 123Loadboard’s reputation as an excellent resource for the logistics industry.

Overview of 123 Loadboard

Platform and Services

123Loadboard is a load board service offering a user-friendly platform to help connect carriers, owner-operators, and brokers in the transportation industry. The website and app provide a comprehensive range of tools for freight matching, load posting, and transportation management. Key features include:

  • Load searching and posting
  • Credit data and days-to-pay details
  • Compliance and carrier monitoring
  • Route planning and mileage calculator

Target Audience

The primary target audience for 123Loadboard consists of carriers, owner-operators, and brokers in the transportation industry. By providing an efficient freight matching service, the platform caters to businesses looking to optimize their logistics and reduce empty miles.

Coverage Area

123Loadboard offers its load board services across North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This comprehensive coverage ensures a wide variety of loads and opportunities for carriers, owner-operators, and brokers in the region.

Features and Benefits

Load Search and Posting

123Loadboard offers a simple and efficient solution for truckers and owner-operators to find and post loads. Users can search and sort loads and trucks by various filters (location, date, rate, equipment) to match their specific needs. Additionally, posting loads and trucks on the load board is easy and convenient, making it an essential tool for businesses in the USA.

Personalized Settings

Truckers can tailor 123Loadboard to their preferences by using personalized settings and options, creating a customized experience. These settings allow users to save search criteria, load preferences, and get notifications for relevant matches, streamlining the load search process and saving time.

Real-Time Updates

The load board solution ensures users have access to the latest freight inventory information by providing real-time updates. As new loads or changes in load statuses are posted, users receive immediate updates, ensuring they have accurate and up-to-date information while searching and planning their trips.

Freight Matching Tools

123Loadboard’s freight matching tools are designed to help truckers and owner-operators efficiently pair up with the most suitable loads. The platform uses algorithms to match loads based on the users’ search parameters, truck types, and routes. This feature increases productivity by accurately presenting the best-possible load options.

Mileage and Load Planner

The mileage and load planner is another valuable feature offered by 123Loadboard. The solution provides users with route planning tools, map views, and mileage calculations. This functionality is essential for truckers and owner-operators to assess the potential profits and costs of given loads, and ultimately make informed decisions.

Mobile App

123Loadboard’s mobile app enhances accessibility, ensuring users have the essential features and benefits at their fingertips. The app is user-friendly and available for both iOS and Android devices, providing truckers and owner-operators with a convenient way to search, post, and manage their loads while on the go.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Free Trial

123Loadboard offers a 10-day free trial for their subscription plans. The trial allows users to explore the platform and its features, helping them determine if the service is suitable for their business needs.

Subscription Plans

There are two main subscription plans available for 123Loadboard users. Each plan caters to different needs and requirements, ensuring that users can choose a package that offers the best value for their business.

  • Standard Plan ($35/month):
    • Search loads and access basic features.
  • Premium Plan ($45/month):
    • Includes all Standard Plan features.
    • Up to 2 users can access the platform.
    • Premium Plus option is available at $55/month, includes enhanced mileage and additional features.

The Premium Plus option provides users with a more comprehensive package that includes advanced features, such as:

  • Enhanced Mileage, Maps & Tolls
  • Industry Freight Rates (Rate Check)
  • Access for up to 3 users

Both the Standard and Premium plans offer their respective features through a user-friendly interface, covering the essential aspects needed for load board management. Users can subscribe to these plans on a monthly basis, with no contracts involved and the option to unsubscribe at any time.

User Experience and Reviews

Customer Support and Service

123Loadboard users have praised the customer support and service provided by their team. Here are some examples highlighting their support services:

  • A user has mentioned that the customer service representative, Aaliyah, was great and helped with the changes in their account (Search result 1).
  • Another user has had a pleasant experience with Adelina, who made sure that the customer was satisfied before ending the call (Search result 3).

The customer support team at 123Loadboard is known for being pleasant, friendly, and willing to help their users. They take the necessary time to explain everything users need to know and provide personalized customer service.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a considerable factor when it comes to user satisfaction, and 123Loadboard excels in this area. The platform is described as:

  • A one-stop-shop with all necessary tools readily available (Search result 1).
  • User-friendly and extremely easy to use, particularly for new entrants in the business (Search result 1).
  • Known for its practicality and packing numerous options that make life easier for its users (Search result 2).

The simple and intuitive design of 123Loadboard allows for seamless navigation and allows users to find and manage loads efficiently.

Feedback from Users

Some positive feedback from 123Loadboard users include:

  • The platform is highly effective for freight matching services, helping shippers, carriers, owner-operators, and brokers to find suitable loads and trucks (Search result 4).
  • Users recommend the platform for its comprehensive load and truck board, which helps to overcome challenges, such as freight matching, credit, compliance issues, and routing (Search result 4).
  • The platform has a wide reach, serving the transportation industry across North America (Search result 5).

Overall, 123Loadboard receives positive reviews for its user-friendly interface, excellent customer service, and comprehensive freight matching tools. The platform is recommended by truck drivers, freight brokers, and shippers alike, proving to be a reliable tool in managing load and truck operations.

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