Trucker Path Loadboard Review: Essential Insights

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The trucking industry has been revolutionized by load boards that connect carriers and shippers in a more efficient manner. One of the top platforms in the business is Trucker Path Loadboard, a robust and reliable tool for truckers on the lookout for loads. This comprehensive load board makes it simple for carriers and brokers to communicate and collaborate, ensuring a smooth flow in the transportation of goods.

Trucker Path offers a free load board where users can access various features at no cost. With over 150,000 listings posted daily, it’s a popular choice for truckers who want to efficiently find loads suitable for their specific vehicle type. Alongside its user-friendly interface, the mobile app enables easy account management and keeps users informed with timely push notifications.

In this article, we delve deeper into the features and benefits that Trucker Path Loadboard brings to the table, showcasing why it is a must-have for truckers and owner-operators navigating the competitive landscape of the freight market.

Trucker Path Loadboard Overview

Key Features

Trucker Path’s Loadboard is a popular platform in the trucking industry, providing truck drivers and carriers with a helpful tool for finding and managing loads. The mobile app allows users to search through over 150,000 listings posted daily, making it easy for carriers to find loads that match their vehicle type and preferences.

Some of the main features of Trucker Path’s Loadboard include:

  • Load search: Users can filter their searches by weight, load, route, and credit score checks for brokers, streamlining the process of finding the right load
  • Broker credit score check: A useful tool for carriers to assess the reliability of brokers before engaging in a contract
  • Mobile app: The app offers easy account management and navigation, making it convenient for truck drivers and carriers on the go
  • Push notifications: Users can stay up to date with the latest load opportunities and other relevant information through notifications

Industry Impact

Trucker Path’s Loadboard has had a significant impact on the trucking industry, providing a convenient and effective platform for carriers and brokers to connect. The freight marketplace has been positively impacted by the increased efficiency and accessibility that this app provides:

  • The platform allows trucking companies to maximize their profits and efficiency by reducing empty miles and downtime
  • The mobile app makes it easier for truckers to access and manage their loads while on the road, saving time and resources
  • By connecting carriers with brokers and providing critical information such as credit score checks, Trucker Path’s Loadboard fosters a transparent, trustworthy environment

In summary, Trucker Path’s Loadboard has become an essential tool for many in the trucking industry, streamlining the process of finding and managing loads and fostering transparency and trust between carriers and brokers.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Load Filtering and Planning

Trucker Path is a load board app that provides a variety of tools to help truckers and dispatchers streamline their daily operations. One of the app’s key features is its load filtering function. With this feature, users can easily search and filter through the available loads based on their requirements, such as trailer type, pickup location, maximum weight, and more. This enables carriers to find optimal freight, get the best rates, and minimize empty miles.

Route Planning and GPS

Another crucial aspect of Trucker Path is its route planning and GPS functionality. The app provides accurate route planning for trucks, taking into account stop signs, lights, and other relevant factors. Although it lacks multiple route options and can sometimes freeze, Trucker Path is still a reliable tool for planning routes that avoid roadblocks and traffic issues. Besides, it also helps drivers to find parking availability along their routes, making their trips more efficient and hassle-free.

Mobile App Design

Trucker Path’s mobile app design aims for ease of use and accessibility. The app’s interface is straightforward and uncluttered, which allows users to quickly navigate the features with minimal learning curve. This user-friendly design is particularly useful for dispatchers who manage large fleets and need quick access to essential information. However, it is necessary to stay updated with the app version to avoid any performance-related issues.

In summary, Trucker Path is an effective load board app that offers functionality and ease of use for both truckers and dispatchers. Its load filtering and planning, route planning and GPS, and mobile app design make it a valuable tool for managing and optimizing trucking operations.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Comparing Plans

Trucker Path offers different subscription plans to cater to various needs in the transport industry.

Essentials Plan:

  • Price: $16.67 per month or $199.99 annually
  • Limited features suitable for smaller businesses

Preferred Plan:

  • Price: $33.33 per month or $399.99 annually
  • Offers additional features for growing carriers

Ultimate Plan:

  • Price: $74.99 per month or $899.99 annually
  • Access to historical trends and a comprehensive carrier toolkit

Payment Options

Trucker Path supports multiple payment options for subscribers, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Whether you choose a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plan, you can easily manage your subscription and make payments through these methods.

Free Load Boards

In addition to its paid plans, Trucker Path offers a limited free usage option for truckers and carriers. This allows users to access basic features and get a feel for the platform before deciding to upgrade to a paid subscription. However, the free load board may not provide the comprehensive solutions offered in the paid plans.

To summarize, Trucker Path Loadboard offers a range of subscription plans suitable for different business sizes and requirements in the transport industry, with easy payment options and access to a free load board for a limited experience of the platform’s services.

Comparing Trucker Path Loadboard to Competitors

In this section, we will compare the Trucker Path Loadboard to its main competitors:, 123Loadboard, Convoy, and DAT TruckersEdge. is a popular load board platform that offers a variety of services for carriers, shippers, and fleet owners. Some of the main features include:

  • Loads: Access to a large number of loads from various shippers and brokers
  • Carriers: A comprehensive database of carriers for efficient load matching
  • Lanes: Advanced search options to find loads based on specific lanes and locations


123Loadboard is another competitor in the load board market, offering multiple features for carriers and shippers, including:

  • Loads: A wide variety of loads from various sources, including direct freight and brokers
  • Carriers: Detailed carrier profiles for seamless load matching and communication
  • Load Alerts: Notifications for new loads in preferred lanes or regions


Convoy is a digital freight network that combines a load board platform with advanced technology solutions to improve supply chain efficiency. Key features include:

  • Loads: Real-time access to available loads from multiple shippers
  • Carriers: A focus on small and mid-sized carriers to create personalized partnerships
  • Automated Bidding: A feature that allows carriers to submit bids on available loads, helping to streamline the process

DAT TruckersEdge

DAT TruckersEdge is a load board platform specifically designed for independent truckers and small fleets. Some notable features are:

  • Loads: Access to over 623,000 loads posted daily from shippers and brokers
  • Carriers: Access to a vast carrier database for efficient load matching
  • Market Data: Insights into market trends, rate comparisons, and lane-specific information

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits to cater to various needs within the trucking industry. Comparing them will help you identify the best option for your specific requirements.

Benefits for Various Stakeholders

Owner Operators

Trucker Path Loadboard offers multiple advantages for owner-operators. The app is free and has a simple-to-use interface, which saves time in locating and booking loads. Some key benefits include:

  • Load planner: Helps plan trips efficiently and maximize revenue.
  • Mileage and mapping: Ensures accurate navigation to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Market insights: Provides information on high-demand areas and potential earning opportunities.
  • Credit data on brokers and shippers: Reduces risk and ensures timely payment.

Fleet Owners

Fleet owners can also leverage the Trucker Path Loadboard to streamline their operations. Using the load planner and mapping features, fleet owners can optimize routes for their assets on the road. Additional benefits for fleet owners include:

  • Dispatch services: Aids in organizing and managing loads for multiple trucks.
  • Fleet management solutions: Offers tools for tracking and optimizing fleet performance.
  • Community-driven reviews: Provides access to facility reviews by other users, enabling informed decisions.

Freight Brokers

Freight brokers find value in Trucker Path Loadboard’s vast user base, presenting an opportunity to connect with numerous carriers and owner-operators. Key advantages for freight brokers:

  • Visibility: Increased exposure to potential clients on a popular platform.
  • Access to credit data: Informed decision-making with details on shippers and carriers, ensuring reliable partnerships.
  • Integration capabilities: The load board connects with other systems via API for seamless operations.

Courier Companies

Courier companies can utilize Trucker Path Loadboard to secure reliable carriers for their projects. The platform also allows couriers to post their loads, offering them:

  • Faster booking: Instant pickups and bookings increase efficiency.
  • User-generated reviews: Access to trusted carriers based on recommendations from other users.
  • Fair market pricing: Ensures competitive rates for services.

By catering to the needs of various stakeholders in the transportation sector, Trucker Path Loadboard proves to be a valuable resource for all parties.

Credit and Financial Features

Trucker Path is a load board platform that provides a range of services to help carriers and brokers connect and handle freight efficiently. In this section, we will discuss the credit and financial features offered by Trucker Path.

Days-to-Pay Data

Trucker Path provides valuable information on days-to-pay data. This feature helps drivers and carriers to have a better understanding of the time it takes for brokers to process payments. By reviewing this data, users can make informed decisions on which brokers to work with, ensuring timely payments and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Broker Credit Scores

Another important aspect of Trucker Path is the provision of broker credit scores. These scores provide insights into the financial stability and payment history of brokers. High credit scores indicate reliable brokers who can be trusted to make payments on time.

Payment Guarantees

While Trucker Path itself doesn’t offer payment guarantees, you can use the credit score and days-to-pay data to work with brokers that have a reputation for reliable and timely payments. This can reduce the risk of delayed or non-payments, which is an important consideration for carriers and truck drivers.

Fuel Efficiency

As a carrier or driver, fuel efficiency is a significant factor that impacts your bottom line. Trucker Path provides tools to help improve fuel efficiency, such as its fuel card feature. The fuel card program allows users to access discounts on fuel at partner locations, saving carriers and drivers money on fuel expenses. Additionally, Trucker Path’s route planning tools help drivers find fuel-efficient routes and minimize unnecessary detours, contributing to overall savings on fuel consumption.


Accessing immediate funds for outstanding invoices is essential for many carriers, and Trucker Path supports this by integrating with various factoring companies. Factoring allows carriers to receive a percentage of the invoice value upfront while the factoring company handles the collection from the broker. This can help carriers improve their cash flow and maintain steady operations while waiting for invoice payments.

In summary, Trucker Path offers valuable credit and financial features that enable carriers and drivers to make informed decisions and maintain efficient operations. By providing essential information on days-to-pay, broker credit scores, and factoring options, as well as tools for fuel efficiency, Trucker Path contributes to a positive and profitable experience for its users.

Additional Tools and Features

Truck Stop Parking and Services

Trucker Path Loadboard offers a helpful feature that locates nearby truck stops, parking facilities, and other essential services for truck drivers. This tool provides real-time information about the availability of parking spaces, types of services provided at truck stops, and ratings from other users. This can be extremely beneficial for trip planning and reducing downtime during hauls.

Fuel Surcharge Calculator

Understanding fuel surcharge costs is crucial for truckers and carriers. Trucker Path Loadboard includes a fuel surcharge calculator that calculates the appropriate surcharge based on current market rates. This allows users to better manage their expenses and provide accurate quotes when bidding on jobs.

Job Postings

In addition to freight-matching, Trucker Path Loadboard also offers job postings for truck drivers and carriers. Most trucks can search for these opportunities based on their preferences and bids. These job postings can be a valuable resource for carriers and drivers looking for additional work or new partnerships.

Integration Options

Trucker Path Loadboard is designed to integrate with other tools used by carriers and drivers, such as GPS systems and weather applications. These integrations help users access real-time updates on weather conditions and traffic patterns. Furthermore, Trucker Path can be synced with users’ preferred negotiation and bidding platforms, streamlining the entire process of securing loads and managing hauls.

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