Wex Fleet Cards Ranked: An Expert Analysis for 2023

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Written By Randall Henson
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In today’s fast-paced business world, managing a fleet of vehicles can be a daunting task for any organization, big or small. One of the key aspects to keep in check is fuel costs and its management. This is where fleet fuel cards come into play, offering businesses an effective way to monitor and control their fuel expenses. Among the various fuel card providers in the market, WEX fuel cards have gained substantial recognition for their wide range of features and customizable options that cater to diverse business needs.

WEX Inc, formerly known as Wright Express Corporation, provides comprehensive fuel card solutions for businesses with fleets of all sizes. With its wide acceptance at over 95% of U.S. fuel stations, WEX fleet cards are an ideal choice for organizations seeking to streamline fuel expense tracking, gain exclusive discounts, and implement employee spending controls. The company offers tailored fleet fuel cards such as the WEX Fleet Card and WEX FlexCard, each designed to address specific needs, ensuring businesses can optimize their fuel expenses and make smarter financial decisions.

For small businesses that experience fluctuations in cash flow, the WEX FlexCard provides a suitable solution. It offers a $0.03 per gallon rebate, and there are no annual fees or setup charges that add to operational expenses. Furthermore, detailed and custom reports help businesses track expenditures effectively. With WEX fuel cards, companies can experience a seamless blend of convenience and savings, making a noticeable impact on their bottom line.

Overview of Wex Fleet Cards

Wex Fleet Card Types

WEX offers a range of fleet cards tailored to meet the needs of various businesses, from small enterprises to large fleets. Among the numerous options, the simplest and most popular choice is the WEX FlexCard. This card offers a $0.03 per gallon rebate with no annual fee or setup costs, making it an ideal option for businesses looking to drive savings and streamline their fuel management process.

Benefits and Features of Wex Fleet Cards

  • Wide Acceptance: WEX fleet cards can be used at 95% of U.S. fuel stations and 45,000 service locations across the country, ensuring that drivers will always have somewhere to fill up on gas or diesel.
  • Automatic Accounting: The WEX fleet card simplifies the accounting process by providing automatic fuel expense tracking, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing human error.
  • Detailed Custom Reports: WEX’s fleet cards offer comprehensive reporting options, allowing you to monitor fuel spending, monitor driver behavior, and optimize routing, among other things.
  • Employee Spending Controls: With the WEX fleet card, businesses can set limits on employee spending, ensuring that the card is only used for authorized purchases.
  • Purchase Alerts: Stay informed about card usage through real-time alerts, enabling you to address potential misuse or fraud quickly.

In addition to these benefits and features, WEX fleet cards also grant access to the WEX EDGE savings network, which offers exclusive discounts on products and services, further helping businesses to save money.

Overall, WEX fleet cards provide a comprehensive fuel management solution. By offering the WEX FlexCard and a variety of other fleet card options, WEX gives businesses the flexibility and control they need to effectively manage their fuel expenses and streamline their operations.

Savings and Rebates

Fuel Savings

WEX Fleet Cards offer fuel savings to its users, making them a popular choice for businesses with a fleet of vehicles. The WEX FlexCard, for instance, provides a $0.03 per gallon rebate on fuel purchases. However, it is essential to note that other providers may offer more substantial fuel savings. For example, BP provides up to 7 cents per liter, meaning WEX’s fuel savings might be more suitable for smaller businesses rather than large fleets. WEX Fleet cards are widely accepted, allowing users to refuel at 95% of U.S. gas stations and access discounts at over 45,000 service locations.

WEX Edge Savings Network

The WEX EDGE Savings Network goes beyond fuel discounts, as it offers exclusive savings on various products and services essential for small businesses. These include discounts on tires, hotels, wireless services, and more. This network enables WEX account holders to pay for goods and services beyond fuel, offering added convenience and value.

Here’s what to expect from WEX EDGE Savings Network:

  • Exclusive discounts on a range of products and services
  • Access to a dashboard to track fuel savings and identify additional saving opportunities
  • Convenient payment options using the WEX account

In conclusion, WEX Fleet Cards provide valuable savings and rebates for businesses with their fuel savings and the WEX EDGE Savings Network. These benefits cater to a range of business sizes, making it a worthwhile consideration for companies looking to optimize their fleet management and expenses.

Control and Management

Spending Control

WEX fuel cards provide businesses with spending control by allowing them to monitor and manage fuel transactions. Companies can set spending limits and restrictions on their WEX card, ensuring that employees use the card strictly for fuel and maintenance expenses. This significantly reduces any unauthorized use of cards and helps businesses maintain overall cash flow.

Fuel Card Program

A fuel card program is an essential element of an effective fleet management system. WEX fuel cards offer a robust fuel card program that provides powerful tools to reduce spending for any business, fleet, or size. WEX fuel cards are accepted at 95% of all retail fuel locations and 45,000 maintenance locations in the U.S., making them a convenient choice for companies with geographically diverse fleets.

Employee Monitoring

WEX cards have the added benefit of helping businesses monitor employee spending. Each card is assigned to a specific employee, allowing companies to track purchases made by each person on the team. With WEX’s online account management system, businesses can access detailed reports of each employee’s fuel and maintenance expenses, offering insights to improve fleet spending and efficiency.

Purchase Controls

One of the critical functions of WEX fuel cards is purchase controls. WEX enables businesses to create customized controls for their employees, limiting fuel transactions to specific dollar amounts, times of day, or days of the week. These settings can be adjusted quickly and easily within the online account, giving companies better control over their fuel costs and preventing unauthorized purchases.

GPS Tracking

WEX fuel cards also include GPS tracking integration that allows companies to monitor the location of their business vehicles in real-time. This not only offers added security against lost or stolen cards but also helps companies optimize scheduling and routing, which can lead to further reductions in fuel costs. GPS tracking is an indispensable tool in fleet management that helps to enhance overall efficiency.

Network Coverage and Fuel Options

Fuel Station Availability

WEX fleet cards offer extensive network coverage, with cardholders able to purchase fuel at 95% of US fuel stations. This ensures that fleets can refuel with ease, no matter their location.

Fuel Types

WEX fleet cards accommodate various fuel types, making them a versatile option for fleets that include cars, trucks, and other specialized vehicles. Some of the common fuel types supported by WEX fleet cards include:

  • Regular gasoline
  • Diesel
  • E85

Participating Gas Stations

The widespread partner network of WEX fleet cards consists of numerous big-name fuel stations, ensuring cardholders have access to a wide variety of locations to refuel. Some participating gas stations include:

  • 7-Eleven
  • 76®
  • Chevron
  • Conoco®
  • ExxonMobil
  • Marathon
  • Maverik
  • QuikTrip

By offering a vast network of fuel station coverage, fuel type options, and partnerships with leading gas stations, WEX fleet cards provide comprehensive benefits to fleets and help businesses effectively manage their fuel-related needs.

Additional Features and Benefits

Mobile App

WEX fleet cards offer a mobile app feature, allowing businesses to manage their fuel card program efficiently. The app enables users to easily track miles, monitor fuel consumption data, and locate nearby US gas stations that accept WEX fuel cards. With the mobile app, your employees can efficiently handle their fuel expenses on the go.

Automatic Accounting

One significant advantage of WEX fuel cards is the automatic accounting feature. This helps streamline the process of tracking expenses and managing fleet budgets. Businesses can save time and resources by eliminating manual paperwork, as the fuel card program consolidates all transactions into comprehensive, easy-to-read reports. This feature not only enhances convenience but also offers valuable insights into fleet expenses.

Fuel Reports

Real-time fuel reports are a key feature of the WEX fleet fuel card program. These reports provide businesses with up-to-date information on fuel consumption and expenses, enabling efficient management of their fleet operations. By tracking expenses per gallon and miles traveled, companies can identify areas of improvement and optimize their fleet costs.

Customized Reporting

WEX fuel cards offer customized reporting, granting businesses the flexibility to tailor reports to suit their specific requirements. This feature ensures that fleet managers receive relevant data and insights, allowing for better-informed decision-making. Moreover, WEX fuel cards render setup, annual, and card fees unnecessary, leading to significant cost savings for businesses.

In summary, the WEX fleet fuel card provides a range of valuable features, such as a user-friendly mobile app, automatic accounting, real-time fuel reports, and customized reporting. These additional benefits contribute to efficient fleet management by streamlining processes and enhancing data-driven insights.

Fees and Payments

Card Fees

WEX fleet cards offer a variety of options tailored to businesses of different sizes. For example, the WEX FlexCard comes with zero setup, annual, or card fees, making it an affordable option for small businesses experiencing fluctuations in their cash flow. Larger fleets have access to a wide range of fleet card options with varying fee structures to suit their specific needs.

Interest Charges

Late payments for WEX fleet cards can incur charges of either $75 or 6.99% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater. This underscores the importance of staying current with payments to avoid additional costs. Timely payments will not only help maintain a good business credit rating but also keep the overall cost of managing your fleet lower.

Payment Options

WEX’s Universal fleet card offers convenience and flexibility in terms of payment. The card is accepted at 95% of all retail fuel locations, as well as 45,000 maintenance locations, making it easy for fleet drivers to fuel up or get repairs and services as needed.

WEX fleet cards also offer contactless payment options for added security and efficiency. These quick and secure transactions can help save time at the gas pump and protect against unauthorized charges from lost or stolen cards or skimming devices.

In summary, the fees and payments associated with WEX fleet cards are diverse and can cater to different business needs. With no card fees for some options, transparent interest charges for late payments, and a variety of payment choices, WEX fleet cards provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for managing your fleet’s fuel and maintenance expenses.

Wex Partner Fleet Cards


Fuelman is a partner of WEX and offers a diverse range of fleet fuel cards to cater to various business needs. The Fuelman cards provide fleet managers quality controls and access to WEX connect app to make payment processing easier.


WEX has partnered with Shell to offer fleet fuel cards that are accepted at Shell’s network of fuel stations. This partnership grants fleet managers access to the extensive Shell network, providing convenience and coverage to their fleet operations.


The ExxonMobil fleet fuel card from WEX is designed to provide an efficient fuel management solution for a variety of fleet sizes. This card grants access to ExxonMobil’s fuel network and ensures safety and control over fuel expenses with robust monitoring features.


WEX’s partnership with BP offers a fleet fuel card specifically tailored to meet the fuel management needs of fleet operators. The BP fleet card allows access to BP’s vast network of fuel stations, providing ample coverage and support for diverse fleets.


In collaboration with Comdata, WEX offers a fleet fuel card that streamlines fuel and maintenance expenses management. This card enables efficient operations with real-time reporting and access to the vast Comdata network of fuel stations and service centers.

RTS Financial

WEX has joined forces with RTS Financial to offer a comprehensive fleet fuel card program that caters to varying fleet sizes and needs. This partnership facilitates fuel purchasing with added features, such as fuel type and time of day controls for better budgeting.


The WEX Texaco fleet fuel card provides a convenient fuel management solution, granting access to Texaco’s network of fuel stations. This card offers the benefits of a dedicated fuel network while leveraging WEX’s expertise in fleet fuel card management.

Wex Large Fleet Card

WEX Large Fleet Card is designed specifically for the unique needs of large fleets. This card offers advanced analytics, customizable controls, and access to exclusive savings on fuel, tires, lodging, wireless services, and more. With its robust features and extended network, the WEX Large Fleet Card is apt for extensive fleet operations.

Customer Support and Security

Customer Service

WEX is known for its ongoing customer support, ready to answer any questions that users may have about their WEX products and services. The company’s customer service team is US-based and can be contacted through various channels. If you need to speak with a representative, you can call 1-833-CALL-WEX (1-833-225-5939). Alternatively, you can fill out a quick form on their website to receive assistance via email.

WEX ClearView

WEX ClearView is a powerful analytics tool that offers users valuable insights into their fleet’s performance, including fuel consumption patterns and cost-saving opportunities. By providing customizable reports, ClearView aids in streamlining business operations, making better management decisions, and identifying areas in need of improvement.

Lost or Stolen Cards

In case a WEX fleet card is lost or stolen, it’s essential to report the incident to WEX’s customer service team as soon as possible. They will assist in canceling the lost or stolen card and reissuing a new one, helping to minimize the impact on your fleet’s operations.

Fraud Prevention

WEX’s fleet cards come with security features to ensure the prevention of unauthorized use and fraudulent activities. Some key features include:

  • Purchase controls: Setting limits on the number of transactions, purchase amounts, or times during which transactions can be made.
  • Alert notifications: Real-time notifications sent via email or text message whenever suspicious activities are detected.
  • unique Driver IDs: By assigning unique identification numbers to each driver, transactions can be tracked, and unauthorized use can be prevented.

These features, coupled with WEX’s strong customer support, form a comprehensive security framework that protects your fleet and helps you maintain control over your operations.

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