TAFS Factoring Review: An In-Depth Analysis of Services and Benefits

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TAFS Factoring is a company specializing in financial services for the transportation and trucking industry. Established in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobson Holdings, TAFS focuses on providing freight factoring services to help trucking businesses maintain a steady cash flow. Its services are geared towards ensuring prompt payment for invoices, thus allowing these businesses to focus on their core operations.

Reviews of TAFS Factoring are mixed, with some clients expressing satisfaction with their services and others reporting negative experiences. Some of the positive testimonials credit the company with friendliness, efficient service, and exceptional customer support. On the other hand, some users have raised concerns over dishonest sales techniques, misleading contract details, and poor communication.

Considering the varying experiences of clients, it is essential for businesses in the trucking and transportation industry to thoroughly research TAFS Factoring and weigh the pros and cons before opting for their services. Comparing them to other available factoring options is a recommended approach for finding the most suitable fit for individual business needs.

TAFS Factoring Services

Service Overview

TAFS, Inc. is a premier factoring company that specializes in the transportation and trucking industry. Founded in 2007, TAFS has since been offering various factoring services, including but not limited to:

  • Full invoice advance
  • Multiple program options

These services are designed to support trucking companies with their cash flow needs by purchasing invoices or accounts receivables and providing truckers with immediate payments.

Business Size and Sales Volume

TAFS caters to trucking companies of all sizes, from small businesses to more established enterprises. The company focuses on providing a high level of customer service and has gained a loyal client base throughout its years in operation. According to some testimonials, clients feel more at home with TAFS than with other factoring companies they’ve worked with.

TAFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobson Holdings, which further highlights their position in the industry and affirms their capability to handle various sales volumes and business sizes. In summary, TAFS, Inc. offers a range of factoring services tailored to meet the needs of various trucking companies, supporting them with their finances and maintaining a strong reputation in the industry.

TAFS Factoring Reviews

Client Experience and Complaints

TAFS Factoring has received mixed reviews from clients, ranging from positive experiences to negative ones. For example, Njoroge W., an owner, praises TAFS for their friendly people and great services. On the other hand, a Trustpilot user shares their disappointment, calling TAFS’s customer service the “WORST,” sometimes taking days for a response, while feeling threatened and uncomfortable about the factoring service.

In some cases, clients have reported concerns like dishonest sales techniques, false and misleading statements about details in factoring contracts, poor communication, and allegedly submitting invoices late to brokers to trigger a higher interest rate. These concerns could potentially affect a trucking company’s overall satisfaction with TAFS Factoring services.

BBB Business Profiles

TAFS, Inc. has a Business Profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Some clients have made complaints about increased rates, withheld funds without explanation, and a lack of transparency regarding fee and expense deductions from invoices. These complaints contribute to the firm’s BBB rating and can potentially impact its reputation.

It is important to consider that the information provided through BBB Business Profiles, reviews, and complaints should be taken into account alongside the firm’s responses and actions during the three-year reporting period. BBB ratings are subject to change, and clients’ experiences may vary. As such, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research before making a decision regarding TAFS Factoring services.

TAFS Factoring Policies and Procedures

Nature of Transactions

TAFS, a subsidiary of Jacobson Holdings, specializes in truck factoring, providing financial assistance to trucking companies of all sizes by purchasing their invoices or accounts receivables. By doing so, they ensure that trucking companies have the necessary cash flow to handle their operational expenses. The company offers various factoring policies, with options to suit the particular needs of individual clients.

Promotional Purposes

TAFS actively promotes its factoring services to help clients gain the financial stability they require in the trucking industry. These promotional efforts include advertising campaigns, presenting their offerings on their website, and providing testimonials showcasing the positive experiences of existing clients. TAFS aims to build its reputation as a reliable partner for trucking companies.


TAFS encourages word-of-mouth recommendations and has received endorsements from satisfied clients. In their reviews, clients highlight the quality of service offered, citing a strong working relationship and feeling at home with TAFS. However, it is important to note that some reviews also report negative experiences, such as poor customer service, high termination fees, and payment delays.

As a responsible factoring company, TAFS addresses these concerns and works towards creating a more seamless experience for clients. With transparency in their policies, promotional efforts, and client endorsements, TAFS strives to provide a dependable factoring service catered for the trucking industry.

Third-Party Involvement

Exercising Judgment

When dealing with TAFS factoring, it’s crucial to exercise judgment when considering third-party reviews. While some reviews, like those on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google, may be reliable, TAFS doesn’t acknowledge or respond to reviews posted on other third-party websites. This can create a gap in the overall understanding of TAFS’s performance and customer satisfaction. It’s important to be selective about the sources you choose to rely on and remember that personal experiences can vary.

Verification and Guarantees

As part of the third-party involvement, verifying the accuracy of information is essential. For instance, the Better Business Bureau provides a business profile for TAFS that contains crucial information like the years in business, address, and business start date. However, the data is subject to change and should be verified with TAFS directly to ensure it’s up to date.

Many online sources, such as Trustpilot and MaxTruckers, offer reviews and ratings for TAFS factoring. They provide valuable insights into customer experiences but also require a discerning eye for accuracy. The ratings can range from excellent to terrible, highlighting the importance of evaluating multiple sources to form an unbiased opinion.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating third-party sources:

  • Reliability: Check if the source has a reputation for accuracy and trustworthiness
  • Relevance: Ensure the information provided is related to TAFS factoring and not an outdated or unrelated aspect of the company
  • Volume: Look for sources with a significant number of reviews to get a broader understanding of the company’s performance

Lastly, it is essential to understand that no third party can guarantee the success or quality of business profiles or transactions. When it comes to factoring services like TAFS, it is up to individual clients to make informed decisions based on verified and up-to-date information.

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