A Comprehensive Review of Samsara Fleet Tracking: Solutions for Small and Large Fleets

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Written By Randall Henson
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Samsara Fleet Tracking has become a popular choice for businesses looking to effectively manage and monitor their fleet operations. With a variety of GPS tracking options, Samsara caters to the unique requirements of different fleet sizes. In this blog post, we will explore the various Samsara fleet tracking solutions and discuss how they can work for smaller and larger fleets. We will also look into the pricing structure and examine whether Samsara supports electronic logging.

Samsara Fleet Tracking Solutions

  1. Vehicle Gateway (VG)

The Vehicle Gateway (VG) is a plug-and-play GPS tracking device that provides real-time location data and advanced diagnostics for vehicles. With features like geofencing, harsh event detection, and idle time monitoring, VG can help businesses optimize their fleet operations.

  1. Asset Gateway (AG)

The Asset Gateway (AG) is a GPS tracking solution designed to track and monitor non-vehicle assets like trailers, containers, and heavy equipment. This solution helps businesses improve asset utilization, reduce theft, and ensure compliance with regulations.

  1. Samsara Mobile App

The Samsara Mobile App allows fleet managers and drivers to access real-time data, communicate with one another, and streamline fleet management tasks from their smartphones or tablets.

Samsara Fleet Tracking for Smaller and Bigger Fleets

Samsara’s fleet tracking solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of both small and large fleets:

  • For smaller fleets, the Vehicle Gateway (VG) can provide essential GPS tracking and diagnostics at an affordable cost. The easy installation process ensures minimal downtime for businesses with limited resources.
  • For larger fleets, Samsara’s advanced tracking solutions like Asset Gateway (AG) can help manage a more extensive range of assets. Integration with the Sams
  • ara Mobile App allows for seamless communication and management across a large fleet.
  • Pricing and Options
  • Samsara’s pricing structure is flexible and based on the specific needs of each business. They offer a variety of plans and hardware options to suit different fleet sizes and requirements. Pricing typically includes the cost of the hardware (Vehicle Gateway or Asset Gateway) and a subscription fee for the software platform.
  • To get accurate pricing for your business, it is best to contact Samsara directly for a customized quote based on your fleet size and desired features.
  • Electronic Logging
  • Samsara fleet tracking solutions also support electronic logging. The Vehicle Gateway (VG) can be used in conjunction with the Samsara Driver App to ensure compliance with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. This integration allows drivers to easily log their Hours of Service (HOS) and automatically generates compliant logs. Fleet managers can also monitor and manage driver HOS, helping to prevent violations and maintain overall compliance.
  • Conclusion
  • Samsara Fleet Tracking offers a range of GPS tracking solutions that cater to the unique needs of both small and large fleets. With flexible pricing and a variety of features, businesses can choose the best option for their specific requirements. Samsara’s support for electronic logging ensures compliance with regulations and streamlines the management of driver hours. Overall, Samsara Fleet Tracking can provide businesses with the tools necessary to effectively manage and optimize their fleet operations.

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