Lancer Trucking for Owner Operators Review: Essential Insights

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Written By Randall Henson
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Lancer Insurance is a well-known provider of commercial truck insurance, which offers specialized coverage options for small fleet operators and owner-operators in the long-haul trucking industry. Their expertise in this sector ensures that their clients receive tailored insurance policies that cater to the unique needs of each business. With a commitment to delivering excellence mile after mile, Lancer Insurance stands out as a top choice for those seeking comprehensive and reliable protection for their trucking operations.

Owner-operators looking for a comprehensive insurance program that provides coverage for multiple aspects of their trucking business should consider Lancer Insurance’s Long-Haul Trucking (LHT) Program. This program is specifically designed for truckers engaged in intermediate to long-distance hauling. In order to access Lancer Insurance’s specialized trucking policies, prospective clients must be approved as Lancer Long-Haul Trucking Producers.

As a part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, Lancer Insurance continuously seeks to provide competitive and comprehensive insurance policies that meet the evolving needs of owner-operators and small fleets. By doing so, they contribute to the growth and success of these businesses, ensuring their protection and viability in the competitive trucking industry. With a strong focus on reliability and service, Lancer Insurance remains an essential partner for long-haul truckers of all sizes.

Lancer Trucking for Owner Operators Overview

History and Background

Lancer Trucking is a well-established company in the trucking industry, with decades of experience providing commercial insurance solutions for truck owners and operators. While the company is not the CEO or directly involved in operations, it caters to the needs of owner-operators and small trucking companies.

Company Profile

Lancer Insurance offers customized insurance policies to suit the specific requirements of owner-operators and their trucking companies. The company’s focus on long-haul trucking insurance ensures that owner-operators receive the best coverage for their trucks and business. Lancer Insurance provides insurance with a combined single limit of up to $2 million, offering various liability coverage options to accommodate different trucking businesses.

Services Offered

Some of the services provided by Lancer Insurance for owner-operators include:

  • Long-Haul Trucking Insurance: Designed for owner-operators and small fleets engaged in intermediate to long-distance trucking.
  • Coverage options: Broad options for coverage including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury protection (PIP), uninsured motorist coverage (UM), underinsured motorist coverage (UIM), and medical payments (Med Pay).

Gaining a thorough understanding of Lancer Trucking’s offerings helps owner-operators make informed decisions about insurance coverage for their trucking business, ensuring they are well-prepared and protected as they navigate the industry.

Pros and Cons of Working as an Owner Operator with Lancer Trucking


  • Flexibility: As an owner-operator working with Lancer Trucking, you gain the independence to choose your own loads, set your own schedule, and decide on your preferred routes. This offers a greater work-life balance and the opportunity to customize your time on the road to suit your personal preferences.
  • Owning your truck: Having your own truck gives you the ability to maintain and modify your vehicle according to your preferences, leading to increased productivity and comfort while driving.
  • Potential for better pay: Since owner-operators with Lancer Trucking take care of their own expenses, they often receive higher pay per mile compared to company drivers. This translates to greater earning potential, although it comes with increased responsibility.


  • Expenses: Being an owner-operator comes with various expenses, such as truck payments, maintenance, fuel costs, and insurance. These are all your responsibility, which can be a financial burden if not properly managed.
TruckMonthly payments or purchase price
MaintenanceRegular servicing, repairs, and unforeseen issues
FuelCosts fluctuate depending on market conditions and routes
InsuranceVehicle and cargo insurance premiums
  • Taxes: As a self-employed individual, you will be responsible for handling your own taxes and accounting. This may require you to enlist the help of a professional accountant or learn to navigate the tax system yourself.
  • Less predictable income: Although owner-operators may have higher earning potential, the income is often less predictable as it is dependent on finding and accepting loads. Owner-operators need to be proactive in securing jobs and managing their workload to maintain financial stability.

In summary, working as an owner-operator with Lancer Trucking comes with both benefits and challenges. The flexibility, owning your truck, and potential for better pay are significant positives, while the main drawbacks involve managing expenses, taxes, and a less predictable income.

Available Opportunities for Owner Operators

At Lancer Trucking, we provide a variety of opportunities for owner operators to grow their businesses and prosper in the industry. Our range of services includes specialized Van, Flatbed, and Refrigerated services. Let’s dive deeper into what each entails:

Van Services

Our van services division provides a steady flow of loads and cargo across the nation. Here are the key features of our van services operations:

  • Access to high-quality, well-maintained trailers to minimize downtime
  • Dedicated dispatch and management teams available 24/7 for support
  • Competitive pay rates and consistent freight availability

Flatbed Services

Our flatbed services cater to the transportation of oversized equipment, construction materials, and other heavy cargo. Features of our flatbed division include:

  • Access to the latest equipment and securement devices such as chains, straps, and tarps
  • Dispatchers with expertise in load securement and heavy-haul regulations
  • Regularly available loads suitable for the dimensions and weight limits of owner-operator trucks

Refrigerated Services

Lancer Trucking’s refrigerated division provides a specialized service for temperature-sensitive cargo. Here’s what owner operators can expect with our refrigerated services:

  • Provision of high-quality, temperature-controlled trailers with regular inspections
  • Freight consisting of food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables
  • Close monitoring of cargo temperature by dispatchers to ensure quality service delivery

By offering these diverse services, Lancer Trucking allows owner operators to choose the freight type that best suits their preferences and equipment. Our goal is to help owner operators advance their businesses by providing the support and resources they need to excel in the trucking industry.

Compensation and Benefits

Pay Structure

Owner operators working for Lancer trucking can expect competitive compensation packages. Salaries for positions at Lancer can range from approximately $85,984 per year for a Quality Engineer, but specific pay rates for owner operators may vary depending on factors such as experience, negotiated rates, and location of work. It’s vital to clarify the details of the pay structure while discussing your contract as an owner operator.

Bonuses and Perks

While bonuses and perks depend on individual negotiation and circumstances, some owner operators may have access to various incentives to boost their overall income potential. Some of these may include:

  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Referral bonuses for bringing in new leads
  • Fuel surcharge pass-through to help offset fluctuating fuel costs
  • Discounts on services and products offered through alliances with other organizations

Insurance and Retirement Benefits

As an owner operator working with a trucking company like Lancer, you need to be aware of the regulations and requirements for insurance coverage under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These may include:

  • Bodily injury and property damage (combined single limit): As per FMCSA requirements, owner operators must have a minimum of $750,000 to $5,000,000 depending on the nature of the transported goods.
  • Physical damage coverage: Owner operators need to protect their truck and equipment from accidents and other damages. This coverage is essential for safeguarding your investment.
  • Medical payments: As part of your insurance package, you may secure coverage for medical payments that result from any accidents while operating your truck.

In addition, Lancer may provide some retirement benefits like a 401(k) program, but this may depend on the terms of your contract as an owner operator. Make sure to inquire about the specifics and compare these offerings to other trucking companies and fleets.

Training and Support

Lancer Trucking provides a comprehensive training and support system for owner operators to ensure their success in the industry. This system consists of driver training and orientation programs with continuous learning and development opportunities.

Driver Training and Orientation

Lancer Trucking offers an extensive driver training program that covers various aspects of operating a truck, including:

  • Fuel efficiency management
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Compliance with regulations

The program’s goal is to equip owner operators with the knowledge and skills needed to run their trucking business efficiently and safely.

Continuous Learning and Development

In addition to initial driver training, Lancer Trucking believes in the importance of continuous learning and development for owner operators. To support ongoing growth, the company provides:

  • Regular updates on industry regulations and best practices
  • Advanced training courses on vehicle maintenance and other relevant topics
  • Access to a support network of experienced professionals

These resources ensure that owner operators stay current with industry standards, optimize their operations, and maintain a strong competitive edge.

Safety and Compliance

Physical Damage and Collision Insurance

Lancer Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for owner-operators, focusing on protecting them and their cargo. Their insurance offerings include:

  • Physical Damage: Coverage for damages to the truck caused by accidents, theft, or vandalism.
  • Collision: Coverage for damages incurred in the event of a collision with another vehicle or object.

These coverages help ensure that owner-operators are protected financially in the event of unforeseen incidents involving their trucks and cargo.

FMCSA Regulations

As an owner-operator, it’s crucial to stay compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. Lancer Insurance promotes regulatory compliance through:

  • Providing resources and guidance on FMCSA regulations for owner-operators.
  • Offering insurance coverages that align with FMCSA requirements, such as bodily injury and property damage liability.

Staying compliant with FMCSA regulations helps owner-operators maintain their safety records and avoid costly fines or penalties.

Driver Screening

Lancer Insurance is dedicated to promoting safety on the road for both their insured trucking owner-operators and the general public. One way they support this mission is by emphasizing the importance of driver screening, which includes:

  • Ensuring that drivers possess valid commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs).
  • Verifying driving history and experience.
  • Reviewing potential safety violations or concerns through the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program.

By taking driver screening seriously, Lancer Insurance helps ensure that their insured owner-operators employ safe and responsible drivers, protecting their businesses and contributing to better overall road safety.

Company Culture and Outlook

Business Outlook

Lancer trucking has shown some improvement in its business outlook over the past year. Based on anonymous reviews by employees on Glassdoor, 53% of the employees have a positive outlook for the business, and the overall rating of the company has improved by 14% over the last 12 months.

Employee Reviews

When it comes to employee satisfaction, Lancer has a 3.4 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor, based on over 71 anonymous reviews. About 63% of the employees would recommend working at Lancer to a friend.


The company culture at Lancer is influenced by the integration of the owner-operator model in its operations. Owner-operators often have the autonomy to choose their loads and manage their own schedules to some extent. This might create a lesser stress environment as compared to traditional trucking companies. However, it’s essential to consider that opinions on stress levels can vary among individuals.

Colleague Communication

As an owner-operator at Lancer, you’ll likely have interactions with office staff who provide support in handling issues and finding loads. Building trust and having a good communication channel with colleagues is crucial for a successful working relationship.

Job Seekers and Anonymity

For job seekers considering Lancer trucking, the anonymous reviews on Glassdoor and other platforms can provide valuable insight into the company culture and business outlook. Keep in mind that experiences may differ between individuals, so it’s essential to consider multiple perspectives when evaluating a job opportunity.

Remember that working as an owner-operator can bring both opportunities and challenges. Ensure that you’re well-prepared to handle the demands of the trucking industry and that the company culture aligns with your personal values.

Additional Considerations for Owner Operators

Lease vs Ownership

When starting out as an owner-operator, one important decision to make is whether to lease or own your truck. Leasing can be cost-effective, allowing you to build up your cash reserves and minimize initial expenses. This can be beneficial, as owner-operators are never guaranteed a paycheck, and having enough money on hand is crucial. On the other hand, owning your equipment allows for greater control and customization while also offering the potential for significant equity upon resale. Consider your financial situation, credit score, and long-term goals to determine the best option for you.

  • Leasing: Lower initial expenses, easier upgrades, less equity
  • Ownership: Greater control, potential for equity, more responsibility

Choosing the Right Carrier for Your Business

As an owner-operator, aligning with the right carrier is essential for the success of your business. Consider the following factors when evaluating carriers:

  1. Opportunities: Look for carriers that offer a variety of opportunities for owner-operators to maximize their earnings and find a niche that suits their preferences.
  2. Forced Dispatch: Some carriers impose forced dispatch on owner-operators, requiring them to take specific jobs regardless of their preferences. Evaluate whether a carrier operates under this system, this level of control might not suit every owner-operator.
  3. Fuel Discounts and Services: A carrier with a comprehensive fuel discount program can help you save on operating costs. Additionally, look for carriers that provide access to maintenance and repair services to keep your truck running smoothly.
  4. Contractual Flexibility: As an owner-operator, it’s important to have a contractually ambidextrous relationship with the carrier to maintain independence and adapt as the market changes.
  5. Company Driver vs. Contractor: Lastly, consider whether you’d prefer to work as a company driver or a contractor under the carrier. This decision may come down to personal preferences and desired level of independence.

Taking into account these factors, along with your own preferences and goals, can help guide you to the right carrier for your owner-operator business. Collaborating with the right carrier has the potential to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey in the trucking industry.

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