Best Load Board for Reefer Trucks: Top Picks and Essential Tips

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The transportation industry relies heavily on efficient and reliable load boards to connect carriers with shippers. The refrigerated trucking sector, or “reefer trucks,” is no exception. As the demand for temperature-controlled transportation continues to grow, finding the best load board for reefer trucks has become a crucial factor for success in the industry.

Load boards are online platforms that enable carriers to find available loads posted by shippers and freight brokers. These systems help streamline the process of finding and securing loads, making it a crucial tool for owner-operators, carriers, and freight brokers alike. For reefer trucks, using the right load board can assist in locating high-paying loads that align with their specialized equipment and expertise.

Various load board platforms cater to the unique needs of reefer trucks. Some of the popular options include Trucker Path, Truckstop Carrier Load Board, and These services offer different features and pricing structures, ensuring that carriers have an array of choices to find the best solution for their needs while also maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Why Load Boards Are Crucial for Reefer Trucks

Load boards are an essential tool in the refrigerated trucking industry, specifically for reefer trucks transporting perishable goods. They provide immediate access to a vast marketplace of shippers and freight brokers, facilitating an efficient supply chain within the USA.

Reefer trucking businesses, both established and startups, rely heavily on load boards to ensure a steady flow of work. This is particularly important for the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods such as produce, dairy, and frozen foods. As the shelf life of these items is limited, an efficient and reliable transportation service is crucial to avoid loss and damage to the products.

Load boards give reefer truck operators the flexibility to choose loads that match their capabilities, equipment, and preferred routes. This is particularly valuable during seasonal fluctuations when the demand for refrigerated shipping services may vary. By using a load board, reefer drivers can easily find potential job opportunities and plan their schedules effectively.

Some popular load boards for reefer trucks include DAT, Truckstop, and 123 Load Board. Each of these platforms offers unique features and subscription plans that cater to different needs within the industry. These load boards provide metrics such as truck-to-load ratio, activity by origin and destination, average posted and paid rates, and access to new loads in real-time. This information can help truckers make informed decisions, control costs, and optimize their operations to match demand.

In conclusion, load boards are crucial for reefer trucks as they maximize efficiency, provide flexibility in load selection, and contribute to a more stable and efficient supply chain within the USA.

Top Load Board Platforms for Reefer Trucks

DAT Load Board

DAT Load Board is a popular load board platform for reefer truckers that offers access to the most loads anywhere, providing essential information for smart and profitable decisions. They ensure accurate rate information, which helps boost profits, and the platform features over 1 million new loads daily.

  • Mobile App: Available for convenient on-the-go access
  • Notifications: Real-time load alerts and updates

Truckstop Load Board

Truckstop Load Board is another go-to choice for reefer truck carriers, offering different plans to suit diverse business needs. Truckstop is known for assisting carriers in finding the best rates and brokers in the industry, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable load board platform.

  • Basic Plan: $39 USD/User/Month -Load Searching -Truck/Lane Posting -Decision Tools -Book It Now

Direct Freight Services

Direct Freight Services is a comprehensive load board platform that caters to reefer trucks, among other types of freight haulers. With user-friendly features and updated load listings, Direct Freight ensures that truckers can quickly find suitable loads and optimize their routes.


123Loadboard is a popular load board for reefer truck carriers, offering reasonable subscription fees and a decent number of reefer loads to choose from. Providing flexible accessibility through a website and mobile app, 123Loadboard allows carriers to receive real-time load alerts for better route planning.

  • Standard Plan: $35 -Load board access -Real-time load alerts -Website and mobile access

Trucker Path

Trucker Path is a load board platform that caters to various truck types, including reefers. They provide a mobile app that offers convenient access to load board listings and route planning tools. Truckers can also benefit from the platform’s large community, allowing them to share updates and information with fellow truckers.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a user-friendly load board platform tailored to the trucking industry, offering seamless carrier and shipper connections. With a straightforward mobile app, reefer truck carriers can access load information and book shipments efficiently. The platform also allows carriers to view rate information up front, ensuring transparency and profitability.


Convoy is a digital freight network designed to connect shippers and carriers, offering dynamic pricing and automated booking for reefer trucks. The platform supports easy route planning, and its mobile app provides an accessible and efficient load booking experience. Convoy also offers instant payment options, ensuring quick returns for carriers.

Selecting the Best Load Board Features

Available Loads and Quality

When selecting a load board for reefer trucks, it is important to consider the number and quality of available loads. Look for a load board with a large number of shippers, carriers, and brokers. This ensures that you have access to a diverse range of loads and can build reliable relationships with trustworthy brokers. Make sure the load board provides detailed information about each load, including pickup and delivery times, weight, and equipment requirements.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

A good load board should offer real-time updates and notifications, allowing carriers and shippers to access the latest information on available loads. The best load boards will send instant alerts via email, text message, or through a mobile app. This feature helps you stay ahead of your competition and book more loads in less time.

Rate Insights and Market Data

To make informed decisions, look for a load board that provides rate insights and market data. This includes up-to-date market rates, which can help you negotiate better rates with shippers and brokers. Additionally, the load board should offer historical rate data, helping you understand current market trends and plan for future profits.

Credit Scores and Broker Information

Understanding the credit scores and broker information of the shippers and brokers you work with is vital to maintaining a healthy cash flow. A quality load board will provide credit scores and — in some cases — days to pay for each broker. This helps carriers avoid slow-paying brokers and ensures that they work with trustworthy partners.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Different load boards offer various subscription plans, ranging from basic to advanced or pro plans. Compare the features and services of each plan, taking into account the monthly subscription cost. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget, while still providing access to essential features such as quality loads, real-time updates, and rate insights.

When selecting a load board for refrigerated trucking, it’s essential to consider available loads and quality, real-time updates and notifications, rate insights and market data, credit scores and broker information, and subscription plans and pricing. By doing so, you can find the best load board to help you maximize profits while working with reliable shippers, carriers, and brokers.

Load Board Tips for Owner-Operators

Using Multiple Load Boards

As an owner-operator, it’s essential to explore multiple load boards to find the best opportunities for your reefer truck. Both free and paid options like 123 Load Board, DAT, and Truckstop offer different features and listings that may cater to your needs. By using a variety of load boards, you can compare and secure high-paying, good-paying loads, and expand your network of shippers and freight brokers.

Utilizing Technology and Mobile Apps

Embracing technology can greatly improve your load searching experience. Many load boards have mobile apps available, like Trucker Path, which offer additional features such as:

  • Heat Maps: These help visualize high-demand areas and plan routes more efficiently.
  • Fuel Stops and Advances: Find the best fuel prices and access advances when necessary.
  • Real-time Alerts: Stay informed of new load offerings and carrier rate changes based on your preferences.

Make sure to invest in the right software and tools to streamline your business processes, and always keep updated with the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Maximizing Profits and Efficiency

In order to maximize your profits and operate efficiently, consider the following strategies:

  • Review Market Data: Use the data provided by load boards to monitor rates, negotiate better pricing, and understand how current market trends may affect your bottom line.
  • Stay Flexible: Be open to changing routes and being available for opportunities during peak seasons, as this could lead to higher earnings.
  • Know The Products and Weight: Familiarize yourself with the reefer-specific requirements of the loads you carry. Being knowledgeable about the products, weight restrictions, and temperature requirements will help ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods.
  • Negotiate Commissions: Owner-operators should confidently negotiate their commission rates based on market trends and their experience in the industry.

By implementing these tips, you can improve your overall efficiency and profitability as an owner-operator in the reefer trucking business.

Advanced Load Board Options and Tools

Multi-Trip Planning

Advanced load boards offer multi-trip planning tools to help drivers optimize their routes and increase revenue. These features allow users to plan multiple trips at once and compare the loads to find the best available options. They can also view detailed information about each load, such as pickup and delivery times, and make data-driven decisions based on load comparison. Real-time load refresh updates ensure carriers have access to the latest information about possible shipments, allowing them to plan their routes and secure the best loads effectively.

Direct Contracts with Shippers and Dispatchers

Load board technologies, such as Truckstop Load Board Pro and DAT, provide direct contracts between carriers and freight brokers or shippers. With features like Book It Now, carrier users can view and accept loads directly from brokers they trust without going through intermediaries. Many load boards also offer unlimited access to freight marketplace, allowing carriers to bid on loads and negotiate the best rates directly with shippers. Posting loads, company reviews, and market insights are often accessible without any additional monthly fee.

Insurance Solutions and Fuel Discounts

To improve a carrier’s operational efficiency and reduce costs, advanced load boards often provide additional services such as insurance solutions and fuel discounts. Partnering with insurance companies and fuel desk providers, load boards offer competitive quotes for different truck types, ensuring that carriers have access to cost-effective insurance packages and fuel-saving options. Some load boards even offer free account registration, which typically includes basic access to the freight matching service and fuel discounts.

Decision Tools and Analytics

Advanced load boards incorporate decision tools and analytics to help carriers make informed decisions about their operations. These tools provide valuable market insights and trends, analyzing factors such as supply and demand, available loads, and rate fluctuations. Many load boards also offer software integration, allowing carriers to streamline their operations and efficiently manage their shipments. By leveraging analytics and decision tools, carriers can better understand the overall freight landscape and make data-driven decisions to maximize their revenue.

Load Boards and Reefer Load Management

Optimizing Routes for Refrigerated Loads

Refrigerated loads, also known as reefers, require particular attention when it comes to route optimization. Truckstop and other load boards, like DAT and 123 Load Board, offer tools to help truckers find the best routes with the most efficient fuel stops. By analyzing truck-to-load ratios and activity by origin and destination, truckers can ensure they are taking the most cost-effective path while moving perishable freight. In the USA and Canada, reefer load boards also provide real-time load alerts, average posted, and paid rates, ensuring that truckers have access to the hottest lanes.

Monitoring Temperature and Weight Regulations

Reefer truckers need to maintain precise control over temperature and weight regulations to avoid issues with the delivery of their perishable loads. Many load boards, like Truckstop and Convoy, integrate with temperature-monitoring solutions that track the current conditions of the trailer while on the route. This proactive approach helps truckers ensure they are in compliance with food safety regulations and maintain the quality of their goods during transportation.

Weight regulations need to be strictly followed as well, and reputable load boards can provide accurate information on load weight before the trucker accepts a job. It helps drivers to avoid being overloaded and facing potential fines or penalties.

Finding High-Quality Shippers and Brokers

One essential aspect of reefer load management is establishing a network of reliable shippers and brokers who can regularly provide high-quality jobs at the best rates. Load boards like DAT, Truckstop, and 123 Load Board enable truckers to search by trailer type (reefer, in this case) to find jobs that specifically match their equipment.

Moreover, some load boards provide ratings and reviews from other truckers, giving insight into the quality and reliability of shippers and brokers before working with them. Building a strong network of trusted partners within the industry ensures that reefer truckers can consistently secure profitable and reliable jobs.

In summary, effective reefer load management involves optimizing routes, adhering to temperature and weight regulations, and finding high-quality shippers and brokers. Utilizing the tools and resources provided by reputable load boards can streamline the process and ultimately lead to a successful reefer trucking business.

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